NEW! The Guide to Understanding and Challenging New Mexico’s Gifted Students: An Introduction for Teachers.

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New Resource from NMAG

The Guide is an informational booklet from NMAG’s past president and current Treasurer, Bonnie LaCourt, its function summarized in this excerpt:

“The New Mexico Association for the Gifted has prepared this booklet as an introduction to planning meaningful educational experiences for gifted students. Most gifted students spend more time in general education classes than they do in gifted education classes so it is important that all teachers learn how to best meet their educational needs. We encourage you to share this booklet with all of your colleagues in general education and gifted education for the benefit gifted students.”

Headings include:

  • Who are gifted students?
  • Realities about gifted students
  • Myths vs. facts about gifted learners
  • Tips for differentiation
  • Resource links
  • Twice exceptional
  • Gifted FAQ