Resources for Gifted Students

Several websites for state and national gifted organizations offer resources and online communities for gifted students.  Below are a short list of websites for first-time student researchers, who want to know what online resources might be available!

KhanAcademy.org You only have one thing to learn: You can learn anything! (Khan Academy)

kidsource.com/gifted.calendar.html This calendar has information about everything gifted—and then some

kidprov.com Use the skills of improvisational theatre to release your feelings. Check out the
”Punchline” for some interactive humor.

hoagiesgifted.org Check out the KIDS/TEENS icon and enjoy.

rolemodel.com This website features a role model of the month along with a listing of facts about other role models. Also includes the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II, which allows the user to respond to statements that best describe him or her. The questionnaire is then scored with an immediate report suggesting a general temperament.

womenswork.org/girls Womenswork provides numerous traditional and nontraditional careers for girls to consider. Contents include job title, level of education needed to hold the job and words of encouragement.

http://www.vsg.edu.au This website is a virtual school from Australia with inexpensive and interesting courses as well as a PRIME source of graffiti.

http://www.jhu.edu/~gifted This website is the center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University.

http://www.jhu.edu/gifted/cde/index.html Distance learning programs from Johns Hopkins

http://www.kidsource.com/kidsource/pages/ed.gifted.html This website provides a spectrum of information about a lot of interesting items.

http://www.ucc.uconn.edu/~wwwgt/ This website provides valuable resource for parents and students and offers a comprehensive summer institute.

http://www.ctd.northwestern.edu This website offers a Midwestern center for talent development.

http://www-epgy.stanford.edu This website offers educational programs for gifted youth.

www.smithsonian.org This website offers a variety of information and is an excellent research resource.

www.achievement.org This website is an interactive museum of living history.

http://history.sandiego.edu/gen/st2/xroads.virginia.edu/~YP/tech.html If you are a tech geek, this is the site for you!! Learn about the internet, computers, and cyberspace at this site.

www.alphadictionary.com Check out the lists of the 100 funniest words, the 100 most beautiful words, ‘punny pages,’ and a Russian Grammar text on this fun website.

http://www.vintagetextiles.com This website provides information about how people lived and dressed in the United States from colonial times to the present.  Be sure to check out the Gallery site for information and outstanding photos of the skilled needlework required for clothing.