Gifted educators have a reputation for sharing their best practices, best resources, and best hopes for one another. Professional educators among the members of the New Mexico Association for the Gifted live up to this reputation! This page is dedicated to time-honored and classroom-tested resources.  We at the New Mexico Association for the Gifted hope these resource manuals, units, lessons, research articles, and links will continue to aide teachers of the gifted.

If you have resources, which you would like to share with gifted educators around the state and around the nation, please contact our publicity officer:

Gifted Education for Diverse Learners

Unlocking Emergent Talent: Supporting High Achievement of Low-Income, High-Ability Students  Recommendations from an NAGC summit for practice, policy, and research for low income, high-ability children.

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

In 1981, SENG was formed to bring attention to the unique emotional needs of gifted children. It provided adults with guidance, information, resources, and a forum to communicate about raising and educating these children.

Today, SENG focuses not only on gifted children, but also on gifted adults. Many schools, communities, and organizations focus on the intellectual needs of gifted individuals. SENG brings attention to the unique social and emotional needs of gifted individuals, which are often misunderstood or ignored. By underwriting and providing education, research, theory building, and staff development, SENG promotes environments where gifted individuals can develop self-esteem, thrive, and utilize their talents.

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Common Core State Standards Initiative

Why are the Common Core State Standards important? High standards that are consistent across states provide teachers, parents, and students with a set of clear expectations to ensure that all students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life upon graduation from high school, regardless of where they live.

Updated New Mexico Technical Assistance Manual

New Mexico PED has released the 2011 updated Technical Assistance Manual for Gifted Education in New Mexico.

Autonomous Learner Model

George Betts’ Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) was developed by students, who wanted more independence and responsibility for their own learning.  It follows project-based learning pedagogy.

National History Bee

The National History Bee is an individual academic competition for elementary and middle school students. The Bee tests knowledge of a wide range of historical topics that have direct relevance to what students are learning in the classroom. School winners advance to regional competition and the regional champions earn the right to compete in Washington, D.C., for scholarships, prizes, and the title of National History Bee Champion.

Eric Huff invites you to visit to find  more information about the competition and a wealth of history resources and practice quizzes that will be useful to any student wanting to learn more.  If you have any questions, please contact Eric Huff: 864.504.2577

New Math Competition: Perennial Math!

 Sylvia Dean, a gifted specialist from Alabama, has created a new online Math competition. Perennial Math is an online competition for grades 4-8. Your students can participate at either a team level or individual student level by registering on The competition consists of 5 tests each year (November-March). Each test contains 5 questions that get progressively harder. The tests must be completed in 30 minutes. All students receive a certificate of participation, and many awards are provided for winners. Contact Sylvia Dean for additional information.

Perennial Math
P.O. Box 16002
Huntsville, AL 35802

The Center for Creative Learning

The Center for Creative Learning in Sarasota, Florida, has recently updated their website and would like to offer multiple resources to teachers of gifted learners. The Center for Creative Learning focuses on “Creative Problem Solving (CPS), the Levels of Service (LoS) approach to talent development, and problem-solving style.”

NMAG Resource Guide for Parents and Educators of Gifted Learners

We hope that New Mexico educators and administrators of gifted learners, parents of gifted learners, and other gifted education stakeholders in the state will find this information useful in order to move our state forward and continue to improve the services provided for gifted learners throughout the state. While there is no fee for the Guide, those who wish to make a donation should make it NMAG. All donations will be used to facilitate the achievement of the NMAG Mission and NMAG sponsored activities.

The BizWorld Foundation

BizWorld is a non-profit organization that uses project-based curriculum designed to make business fundamentals come alive in the real world context while integrating core subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Economics.