We at New Mexico Association for the Gifted are intensely interested in this issue. We are so glad to share the announcement of NAGC’s Giftedness Knows No Boundaries Campaign. We encourage all NM educators to learn about, advocate for, and support the cause. Please read more and click through to get involved. NAGC recognizes that “Gifted children in poverty and from minority groups are 2.5 times less likely to be identified for, and in, gifted and talented programs in schools. Children deserve fair identification strategies.”

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) organized the Giftedness Knows No Boundaries Campaign. National education organizations and individuals interested in promoting equity and excellence in our Nation’s homes, schools, and communities can support the campaign by actively promoting and sharing key information about the nature and needs of gifted children amongst others in their networks. The Campaign begins with awareness building about children with gifts and talents and will grow into a movement to improve policies and practices that create supportive environments where these children can thrive.
Please visit www.GiftednessKnowsNoBoundaries.org often as NAGC will regularly update the site with new resources and information.

Boundaries of Poverty and Race to Overcome

We are aware that over half of public school students today come from families in poverty and many gifted students of this demographic go unidentified and their needs unmet in school.

We know from a recent study of the U.S. Department of Education Civil Rights Data that students of color are underrepresented in gifted programs.  In October, 2016, John Rosales posted on NEAToday.org the details: “White students make up 49 percent of the school population and 57 percent of those enrolled in gifted and talented programs, while Black and Latino students comprise 42 percent of public school students but only 28 percent of participants in enrichment programs.”


About Steve Heil

Steve supports gifted students of Santa Fe Public Schools and, as a qualified FTAP Evaluator, helps to implement the district's alternate identification protocol. In his previous work as an art teacher in Gallup, NM, Steve earned National Board Certification and received the Golden Apple Excellence in Teaching Award in 2010. As Publicity Chair on the board of NMAG, Steve manages this website and mailing list.